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Jewelry Model Photography

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Make Your Customers Excited With Jewelry Model Photography

Carat Studio, a professional jewelry photographer in Los Angeles, has decades of experience providing stunning jewelry model photography for clients in the ever-competitive Jewelry District of Los Angeles and the Diamond District of New York. With jewelry model photography, you can provide images of your jewelry as worn, making them more relatable to your potential customers.

Carat Studio is a jewelry photography studio in Los Angeles with an exceptional team of models, photo editors, and photographers working together to produce images that stand out and excite your potential customers with your product.

We work closely with you to ensure that you realize your vision of presenting your jewelry in the best possible way.

Jewelry with Model Photography

Our Jewelry Model Photography Services

At Carat Studios, the possibilities of Jewelry Model Photography are endless! Whether you want to post your product on social media channels or spread a fashion magazine, we can provide you with jewelry model photos that will mesmerize and excite!

Still Model Photography

Magazine-worthy photos to showcase your products.

jewelry videography.jpg

Jewelry Videography

Add multiple angles, music, and subtle transitions to highlight the best in your jewelry.

Homepage Retouching.jpg

Jewelry Retouching Services

We can take your previous jewelry model photographs and turn them into something more exciting.

Necklace set with earings Natural Jewelry Photography

Best Background for Jewelry Photography

We are experts in presenting your jewelry in the best settings, whether worn or amidst stunning backgrounds.

Bracelet model photography

Jewelry Photography for Websites, Instagram and Social Media

We will ensure you get the best shots to excite your page and site visitors.

Jewelry Model Earrings Photography

24 Carat Guarantee!

We aim for your full satisfaction. We provide sample shots for you to approve before we begin.

Model Hand & Jewelry Photography.jpg

Why Carat Studios for Your Jewelry Model and Lifestyle Photography?

Carat Studios have decades of experience in jewelry model photography and marketing in the ultra-competitive Jewelry District of Los Angeles. We have gained a sterling reputation because of our commitment to perfection and ability to realize our client’s vision of presenting their jewelry in the best way possible.

About Carat Studio

Located at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, our Studio has worked with the best jewelry retailers and manufacturers in the competitive Jewelry District. We also have clients from the biggest jewelry markets in the U.S.A. We follow an efficient process to ensure that you receive a finished product that perfectly captures your vision for your jewelry.

We use the latest photography equipment and techniques to ensure that your jewelry can stand out on any selling platform, whether on your website, social media, magazines, and others. We provide complete services, including photography, 360-degree jewelry photography, jewelry videography, jewelry photography retouching, and lifestyle and jewelry model photography.

We always aim to satisfy our clients. We place a high premium on communication and understanding your vision. Carat Studios will be with you each step to ensure a 24 Carat Experience!

Model Photography earing

Excited to Start Your Jewelry Model Photography Session?

Contact your jewelry photographer in Los Angeles now

We believe that the key to perfection is communicating with our clients closely. To make your jewelry images more engaging and exciting, we aim to ensure that the process from initial consultation to delivery of your images is as simple and efficient as possible.

We are excited to start our photography projects with you.

Frequently-Asked Questions

What sets you apart from any other jewelry photographer?

Carat Studios have 20+ years of experience working in the ultra-competitive DTLA jewelry district. We have over two decades of experience in the jewelry, marketing, and photography industry. We know the latest trends in luxury jewelry photography and are masters in techniques in engaging formats, such as 360-degree jewelry videography, jewelry model photography, and jewelry photo retouching. Best of all, we don’t charge additional for our clients' highest resolution images and videos. We want to provide our clients with the best, most exciting, and most mesmerizing images that sell.

Do we need to send you our merchandise for 360 jewelry video and 360 degree jewelry photography?

Yes. All our clients ship their jewelry from all over the country for jewelry photography, and we send them back. However, we may drop by your location and photograph your jewelry on-site if the right conditions exist. To know more about how we can provide you with the best jewelry photography experience, call us at (213) 787-7440 or fill out the contact form on our contact page.

Do you provide jewelry model photography services?

Yes! Like jewelry photography for specific pieces, we also have models that help us to highlight your jewelry. We believe the best way to present your jewelry is when the best models wear it and use the best backdrop to let the beauty of your jewelry stand out! With Carat Studios, you can be assured of the best jewelry model photography in the business.

Can we choose the backdrop and models for product jewelry model photography?

Yes. We work closely with clients in each step of the project. We want to capture your vision of how you want your products to stand out from the competition. With our vast experience in the jewelry field, you can rest assured that we can help you present your jewelry on your website, as well as other marketplace platforms, in the best way possible through the use of the ideal backdrop and models for the jewelry you sell on your site, or in your store.

How do you guarantee the safety of the jewelry we send to your jewelry photography studio?

All the jewelry we work on is kept in a secure safe with armed security guards providing 24/7 protection under constant CCTV surveillance. As a matter of surety and confidence for both Carat Studios and the clients, any items exchanged are documented and photographed to avoid any issues of uncertainty. Our relationship with our clients is what we value most.

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