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Jewelry Lifestyle Photography of Diamond Earrings on Gold Sand

Luxury Jewelry Photography for Earrings

Images of earrings that tell stories that enchant

Earrings are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. Because of their popularity, they are the most showcased among jewelers. With excellent luxury jewelry photography by Carat Studios, you will have images of earrings that are a step above the rest. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we realize your vision for your earrings. We understand the amount of work, craftsmanship, skill, and love that goes into earrings. That is why we provide images that enchant, hypnotize, and entice your customers.

Earring Photography of Emerald Earrings

Our Latest Earring Photography Projects

Marquise Diamond Drop Earrings photography

Marquise Diamond Earrings with Brilliant Cut Accents

The fire in marquise diamonds is highlighted by its shape. With our still images, we never fail to capture the essence and brilliance of marquise diamonds, which highlight and enhance their value.

Yellow Gold Aspen Leaf Drop Earrings

Gold Leaf Earrings

Producing images of finely-crafted gold pieces poses huge challenges, even among luxury jewelry photographers. Our decades of showcasing jewelry has enabled us to produce stunning images that highlight the beauty and craftsmanship that makes these earrings exceptional.

Peridot and Diamond Stud Earrings

Peridot Earrings in White Gold with Diamond Accents

Bring out the stunning quality of emeralds through our refined style of presenting these mesmerizing green stones. The brilliance and fire of diamond accents add to its hypnotizing qualities.

Aquamarine Drop Earrings with Diamonds Photography

Aquamarine Earrings with Brilliant Diamonds

Capturing the charm of the blue shade in aquamarine is rare among photographs. However, with our vast experience and skill in jewelry photography, everything that makes this aquamarine and brilliant diamond earrings are captured to its minutest detail.

Opal Drop Earrings Photography

Fire Opal Earrings

Encapsulating all the worldly colors is what makes fire opals exceptional, especially in earrings. With perfect lighting and photography skills, we bring out the hypnotizing quality of fire opals, as well as the brilliance of melee diamonds and exquisite craftsmanship that goes into these pieces.

Garnet Drop Earings Photography

Princess-Cut Ruby Earrings

Princess-cut is perfect for larger scale rubies. To showcase the rarity and desirability of the piece, we use only the ideal conditions in producing images to bring out the subtle charm that makes these pieces mesmerizing.

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