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Jewelry Retouching

Use your current jewelry for jewelry photo retouching to make them more exciting

Welcome to the Retouching arm of Carat Studios. Here you can find the jewelry retouching services that we offer. Two free sample retouches are provided for all new clients. Please email your images to 

Taking your own jewelry photos in-house and need that professional look? No problem! We consider ourselves as one of the best and affordable jewelry retouching services out there. Jewelry retouching is one of the most difficult styles of editing, as it requires a keen eye to detail and advanced knowledge & experience in graphic design. ​

All of our edits are supplied in the highest resolution possible, based on the quality of your image. All files are sent website and social media ready. We do not charge extra for a higher resolution file, like other editing companies on the internet. 

Full Jewelry Photo Retouching


Please enquire for pricing.

All images are edited to your specifications. If you wish to replicate a finish you have seen somewhere else, we will happily try our best to cater to your needs. Delivery of images which require background removal will also include a Png transparent file, as well as the final Jpeg on any color background.

Check out some of our jewelry photo retouching work

Make your rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and watches more exciting by sending us your current jewelry photos for jewelry photography retouching now. Best for websites, social media, and other selling platforms.

jewelry image retouching bracelate
jewelry image retouching rings
jewelry image retouching model
jewelry image retouching Earrings
jewelry image retouching after stud earings
jewelry image retouching baba yaga neclases
jewelry retouching Bracelates
jewelry image retouching rings
jewelry image retouching model hand rings
jewelry image retouching diamonds rings
jewelry image retouching necklaces
jewelry image retouching colourfull bracelate
jewelry image retouching silver necklases
jewelry image retouching stylish rings
jewelry retouching necklaces
jewelry retouching white diamond rings

Frequently-Asked Questions

What sets you apart from any other jewelry photographer?

Carat Studios have 20+ years of experience working in the ultra-competitive DTLA jewelry district. We have over two decades of experience in the jewelry, marketing, and photography industry. We know the latest trends in luxury jewelry photography and are masters in techniques in engaging formats, such as 360-degree jewelry videography, jewelry model photography, and jewelry photo retouching. Best of all, we don’t charge additional for our clients' highest resolution images and videos. We want to provide our clients with the best, most exciting, and most mesmerizing images that sell.

Do you have specific requirements for jewelry photo retouching?

We don’t have particular requirements for jewelry photo retouching. We consistently abide by our principle of providing 24-carat service, that is, we start working with you through an initial consultation. You may send us an existing jewelry photo you want us to retouch, and we will work from there. We commit to providing you with the same price regardless of the resolution of the resulting photo. We deliver only the best-retouched jewelry photo to excite and hypnotize your clients.

Does the final jewelry retouching photo's quality depend on the resolution of the file we send?

Yes. All our edits are provided at the highest resolution possible. However, if the quality of your image isn’t ideal, we can’t achieve a high resolution as files that were sent to us at a better quality. Nevertheless, we have the best equipment and techniques to ensure that we can provide you with market-ready images that are much better than before.

Can you provide backgrounds for jewelry retouching photos?

Yes. All images are edited to your specifications, including placing a background for the jewelry you want to feature. We will try our best to replicate a finish that you saw somewhere else, including its background.

Can we combine jewelry photography and jewelry photo retouching?

Yes. We strive to ensure that your photos can excite your customers. If you find that the background or the feel of images taken initially require adjustments, we will gladly perform retouching on them.

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