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Luxury Jewelry Photography San Francisco

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Unique Jewelry Photography San Francisco

Carat Studios excels in capturing the essence of luxury jewelry, offering a comprehensive range of services: photography, retouching, videography, lifestyle and model photography, and 360-degree video. With meticulous attention to detail, they are the preferred choice for San Francisco clients seeking high-end jewelry photography.

Our Luxury Jewelry Photography Process for San Francisco

Experience captivating and thrilling luxury jewelry photography results in San Francisco with Carat Studios. Our decades of marketing and photography expertise will elevate your brand.

360 Degree Videography San Francisco

Carat Studios are masters of immersive storytelling through 360-degree videography. With our expertise in crafting visually striking video content, we create an engaging and captivating experience from every angle.

Model Photography San Francisco

Carat Studios excels in jewelry model photography, showcasing distinct features and evoking emotional appeal by demonstrating how the pieces look when worn, captivating your customers.


Lifestyle Photography San Francisco

Carat Studios excels in crafting captivating lifestyle photos that beautifully showcase the craftsmanship and beauty of jewelry pieces in natural settings, enhanced by striking backgrounds.


Our Jewelry Photography Studio Services San Francisco

Carat Studio is passionately committed to delivering extraordinary services that surpass expectations. With a refreshing approach, we create visually stunning products that meet and exceed our clients' requirements.

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24 Carat Guarantee

Carat Studios' commitment to client satisfaction is unwavering, evident in its effective communication and dedication to fulfilling preferences. They provide sample shots, welcome feedback, and ensure results surpass expectations.

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24 Carat Experience

With two decades of expertise in jewelry, photography, and marketing, Carat Studios stands out in the competitive DTLA Jewelry District, making them the trusted choice for clients seeking exceptional services.

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24 Carat Safety

Carat Studios values client trust, taking extensive measures to ensure the safety of their property. They document and photograph exchanged items, offering secure storage vaults with CCTV and armed guards for ultimate peace of mind.

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I am so lucky to have discovered Saahil and Carat Studios. The photos are captivating and professional, taken by a kind, talented photographer. I tried several places and believe I’ve found the best in Los Angeles. I put heart into my pieces and the photos showcase them beautifully.

Get to Know Us

Carat Studios is a dynamic team of passionate experts in luxury jewelry photography dedicated to delivering unparalleled services that will leave you amazed. With over two decades of experience in the renowned DTLA jewelry district, Carat Studios stays ahead of the curve, continuously innovating with the latest trends and techniques. With an extensive range of options, including model photography, 360-degree videography, and retouching, they ensure your jewelry shines in all its glory. 

Combining their deep knowledge with cutting-edge technology, they create captivating images that capture the essence and allure of each piece. But Carat Studios doesn't stop at remarkable visuals. They prioritize your satisfaction, offering high-resolution images and videos at no extra cost and maintaining open lines of communication throughout the process. 

Your journey with Carat Studios will be seamless, enjoyable, and tailored to meet your specific needs. Trust Carat Studios to expertly capture and present your jewelry, allowing you to connect with your target market effortlessly. From start to finish, Carat Studios sets the benchmark for extraordinary jewelry services, delivering mesmerizing products that elevate your selling potential across any marketing platform. Get ready to be wowed.

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