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Luxury Jewelry Photography
Beverly Hills


Carat Studios: Exceptional Jewelry Photography Services Serving Beverly Hills

At Carat Studios, we are dedicated to transforming your jewelry into exquisite works of art through our exceptional photography services offered to our clients in Beverly Hills. With state-of-the-art equipment, decades of excellence in the ever-competitive Los Angeles jewelry business, and a commitment to perfection, Carat Studios is your partner in bringing the brilliance of your jewelry to life in all relevant advertising platforms. Elevate your brand and captivate your audience with our unrivaled jewelry photography services.

Experience Our Seamless Luxury Jewelry Photography Process for Beverly Hills

At Carat Studios, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional luxury jewelry photography results to the heart of Beverly Hills, backed by decades of experience in marketing and photography. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience from start to finish:

360 Degree Videography for Beverly Hills

Immerse your audience in a captivating visual experience with our 360-degree videography services offered to our Beverly Hills clientele. From panoramic vistas to immersive storytelling, we're here to turn your vision into a dynamic, interactive reality.

Model Photography for Beverly Hills

Capture the essence of elegance and style with our expert model photography services that will fit the glamour of Beverly Hills. From fashion shoots to portfolio building, our talented photographers bring out the best in your products as worn by models, making every frame a work of art.


Beverly Hills Lifestyle Photography

At Carat Studio, we specialize in crafting exquisite lifestyle photography that seamlessly integrates jewelry into everyday scenes and breathtaking backdrops. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and artistic finesse, our photographers skillfully capture each piece's intricate details and masterful craftsmanship, transforming them into stunning visual narratives.

Diamond Engagement Ring Photography

What Makes Carat Studios the Perfect Choice for Luxury Jewelry Photography for Beverly Hills

With over two decades of jewelry product photography and marketing experience and a compelling portfolio for the best jewelers in the ever-competitive jewelry district of Los Angeles, Carat Studios offers our Beverly Hills clients exciting and engaging jewelry photography images and videos that will captivate audiences.

Jewelry Photography for Earings

24 Carat Guarantee

We value communication with our clients. We take the time to understand your style preferences, present sample shots for your approval and warmly welcome your input before embarking on your project. With our meticulous step-by-step guidance, anticipate nothing less than a truly 24 Carat experience.

360 Jewelry Photography Studio

24 Carat Experience

With an impressive track record spanning over two decades in the realms of Jewelry, Photography, and Marketing, we've forged a distinctive company aimed at amplifying your item sales. Our extensive expertise and an in-depth understanding of the fiercely competitive DTLA Jewelry District uniquely position us as leaders in our field.

24 Carat Safety

At Carat Studios, we prioritize the safety and security of our clients' valuable possessions. We offer secure storage vaults equipped with CCTV surveillance and guarded by armed personnel, ensuring your items are safeguarded. Furthermore, we meticulously document and photograph any exchanged items to strengthen our valued client relationships.

Loose Diamonds Photography with Matte Background.jpg
I am so lucky to have discovered Saahil and Carat Studios. The photos are captivating and professional, taken by a kind, talented photographer. I tried several places and believe I’ve found the best in Los Angeles. I put heart into my pieces and the photos showcase them beautifully.

Experience Excellence from Consultation to Delivery

Carat Studios is your premier destination for expert jewelry services, seamlessly guiding you from initial consultation to final delivery. With an impressive 20+ years of expertise in the vibrant DTLA jewelry district, Carat Studios stands out for its mastery in jewelry marketing, photography, and staying abreast of the latest trends in the industry. Our specialization in 360-degree videography, model photography, and top-notch retouching ensures the creation of captivating, enchanting visuals that effortlessly drive sales. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart – we provide clients with high-resolution images and videos at no additional cost, elevating your jewelry's presentation to a whole new level.

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