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Diamond Stud Earrings on Gold Sand Background Photo

Luxury Jewelry Photography
Orange County

Gold Knot Ring with Diamond Photography

Unique Jewelry Photography
Orange County

Carat Studios: experts in luxury jewelry photography. Using top-notch equipment and advanced techniques, they offer exceptional imagery to highlight each piece's craftsmanship. With services ranging from photography to videography, Carat Studios' meticulous attention to detail and quality makes them the preferred choice for high-end jewelry clients.

Our Luxury Jewelry Photography Process

Carat Studios' luxury jewelry photographer delivers exceptional and thrilling results. With experience in marketing and jewelry photography, they're your go-to source for flawless imagery that suits all advertising platforms in Orange County.

360 Degree Videography Orange County

Experience immersive storytelling with 360-degree videography. Carat Studios delivers stunning video content that engages and resonates with your audience, allowing viewers to explore scenes from all angles. Trust us to create captivating visuals that bring your vision to life.

Model Photography Orange County

Promote your jewelry and excite your customers with model photography, a must-have tool for showcasing your pieces. At Carat Studios, we specialize in capturing jewelry's intricate details and beauty as worn by models.

Jewelry Model Photography with Gold Bracelet and Earrings

Lifestyle Photography
Orange County

Highlight the beauty of your jewelry with lifestyle photography. At Carat Studios, we create high-quality images that capture every detail and craftsmanship, showcasing the essence of your pieces in captivating settings.

Baguette Diamond Necklace Photography on Gold Sand Background

Jewelry Photography Studio Services Orange County

At Carat Studios, we take pride in providing exceptional services to our clients. Our goal is to deliver a product that is both engaging and captivating, while making the process as seamless and efficient as possible.

Diamond Hinge Bracelet Photography

24 Carat Guarantee

We prioritize your satisfaction at Carat Studios, and we achieve this through effective  communication. We ask about your preferred style, present sample shots for approval, and welcome your suggestions before commencing the project. With our step-by-step support, you can expect a 24 Carat experience.

Amethyst and Morganite Ring Photo

24 Carat Experience

With over 20 years of experience in jewelry, photography, and marketing, we have built a unique company to help you sell your items. Our expertise and in-depth understanding of the competitive DTLA Jewelry District set us apart from the competition, enabling us to create customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Photography

24 Carat Safety

Carat Studios places a premium on the safety and security of our clients' property. We offer secure storage vaults equipped with CCTV and armed guards to ensure maximum protection. Our valued relationship with clients is our top priority, and we document and photograph any exchanged items for the confidence of both parties.

Loose Diamond Photo
I am so lucky to have discovered Saahil and Carat Studios. The photos are captivating and professional, taken by a kind, talented photographer. I tried several places and believe I’ve found the best in Los Angeles. I put heart into my pieces and the photos showcase them beautifully.

Get to Know Us

From consultation to delivery, Carat Studios provides exceptional jewelry services. With over 20 years of experience in the DTLA jewelry district, we excel in jewelry marketing, photography, and the latest trends. Our expertise includes 360-degree videography, model photography, and retouching, resulting in captivating and mesmerizing images that drive sales.


At Carat Studios, we understand the importance of high-quality imagery in the jewelry industry. That's why we offer our Orange County clients high-resolution images and videos at no additional cost, ensuring they receive the best possible value for their investment. With Carat Studios, you can trust that you will receive exceptional services showcasing your jewelry in the best possible light.

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