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Fragrant Jewels

"Our brand is all about a thematic story. Our jewelry at Fragrant Jewels is intricate, featuring unique stones that demand a specific mood to truly capture their beauty. That's why Carat Studios is an invaluable partner for us.

Their incredible creative environmental photography, using props and lighting, allows us to showcase our jewelry in a way that perfectly sets the stage for the story we want to tell. They don't just capture images, they create entire worlds around our pieces. Additionally, the details in our jewelry and the true colors of the stones can be challenging to photograph, but Carat Studios consistently delivers exceptional results, elevating our designs to new heights.

Beyond their creative vision, Carat Studios provides the utmost quality across all aspects of service. From the production itself – both in-camera and post-production – to their creativity and communication, they excel in every area. We simply can't recommend them highly enough!

Overall, working with Carat Studios has been a true pleasure. They stand out even amongst the many photographers we've collaborated with. They offer a perfect blend of friendly service and professional expertise."

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