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House of RAVN

"At House of RAVN, capturing the essence of our brand through high-quality jewelry photography is paramount. Carat Studios perfectly understood this need and delivered exceptional results.

They provided us with stunning product shots that truly showcase the intricate details and craftsmanship of our pieces.The black backgrounds they used beautifully complement our brand aesthetic, creating a sense of elegance and sophistication. These captivating images grace our website, Instagram, Facebook, and even 1st Dibs, ensuring our jewelry is presented flawlessly across all platforms.

Beyond the quality of the images, Carat Studios impressed me with their service. They were incredibly timely,consistently delivering breathtaking photos that surpassed my expectations. The thoughtfulness and care put into each shot, ensuring the individual pieces were perfectly positioned, were truly remarkable.

Overall, my experience working with Carat Studios far exceeded my expectations. They are a fantastic team, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking exceptional jewelry photography."

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