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5 Reasons Why 360 Degree Jewelry Photography Is Better

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Professionally taken jewelry photographs are indispensable to the jewelry business. With the jewelry taken in its best rendition, a photographer can make each piece more beautiful, mesmerizing, and exciting. If a still photograph can tell a thousand things about a piece of jewelry, imagine how much more 360-degree photography can tell.

What is 360-Degree Jewelry Photography?

360-Degree Jewelry Photography canon Camera

360-degree photography ushers a new wave of presenting jewelry. Instead of choosing and presenting one angle of a piece, each piece of jewelry is presented swiveling or spinning in slow motion, thereby highlighting the piece on all sides. Though the idea of presenting jewelry in such a way was conceptualized years ago, technological advancements and higher bandwidths allow more objects to be presented this way. Moreover, higher resolution cameras, the photographer or videographer’s skills, and editing software enhance the way jewelry is presented this way.

Why Should Jewelers Choose 360-Degree Photography To Showcase Their Products?

The competitive nature of the jewelry industry calls for jewelers and jewelry retailers to be exceptional. Jewelry retailers might make business decisions, such as lowering prices or providing irresistible offers to potential clients. On the other hand, jewelers can improve existing jewelry designs or be outright creative to appeal to their client’s tastes. The obvious next steps are taking exciting photographs and posting them on various sales platforms.

However, the astute jewelry retailers’ next step is to stand out from the competition. 360-degree jewelry photographs will give them a better chance of converting potential clients by providing a more exciting way of presenting products. This way, there is a better chance of enticing customers to take the next step and make their purchases. Here are the details of the advantages 360-degree photography can provide your business:

1. 360-degree Videos Have Higher Engagement Rates than Still Photographs

Many things have been written about the disparity of engagement rates between still photographs and videos. Just stating a few numbers is enough to convince you how much better jewelry with 360-degree videos has over still photos:

  • People have short attention spans. Videos are more likely to catch a viewer’s attention than still photographs of the same object.

  • Videos, such as 360-degree videos, posted on social media have 48% more views than still images of the same subject.

  • Videos are shared 12 times more than still photos.

  • 360-degree videos as banners have up to three times higher conversion rates than still images.

  • Have a 30% higher repeated view rate.

With 360-degree photography, you can potentially get more value from your website, social media posts, or other relevant sales platform, with your product gaining more attention with a more significant potential of reaching more people by being shared.

2. 360-degree Videos Can Trigger Emotion Better Than Written Text or Still Images

Emotion is a primary consideration in marketing. Especially in the jewelry business, triggering impulse reactions to buy is the ultimate goal in your marketing efforts. With a 360-degree video, especially with appropriate audio and settings, you can trigger emotion from your potential client more than any other media you could place on your marketing platforms. That explains why 360-degree videos have higher engagement rates than still images.

3. 360-degree Videos are a Gateway to Newer Marketing Platforms

Discussions about newer marketing platforms rarely go without mentioning virtual reality. Moreover, with increasing bandwidths, the possibility of integrating 360-degree images on platforms like Facebook or placing them on blog posts is not a question of if but when. The byword in modern digital marketing nowadays is immersion. An immersive user experience takes the step of utilizing the emotional impact of your product to a higher level. With 360-degree videos and photographs of your products available, your business will be ready to dive into marketing platforms that will open newer and broader markets.

4. 360-Degree Videos and Photographs of Your Products Showcase What Makes Your Business Exceptional

Whether you have incredibly affordable prices or if you have jewelers with exceptional skills to craft aspects of your jewelry like no other jeweler can, 360-degree video is a perfect platform to tell your customers that and more. With 360-degree photography, you have the chance to present your pieces, literally, at any angle. Whether your ring, for instance, has melee diamonds set in uncompromising places or showcases a higher level of craftsmanship on the clasp in the case of watches, you can feature your products in the best way possible.

5. Not Everyone is Into 360-Degree Photography Yet

That means having 360-degree videos of your product is an excellent way to gain a competitive advantage now. Even in the jewelry business, only some jewelers have embraced this type of media. Though numerous businesses have used this method, they only employ them for limited uses, such as being a banner for their website. By featuring your best products this way, you can quickly gain more engagement than your competitors through more marketing channels with fresher content.

Conclusion: Using 360-Degree Photography For Your Jewelry Business Puts You On The Lead

With its competitive nature, the jewelry business demands innovation and exceptionality among everyone in the trade. From the artisans to the people behind the counter, everyone needs to deliver their work in the best way possible. With 360-degree photography, you can make the beauty of your jewelry work for you in the most meaningful and versatile way. Moreover, 360-degree videos of your product provide you with media that will be compatible with future developments in marketing tools. With the immersiveness and engagement potential of 360-degree videos, your products have a much higher emotional impact that will drive your customers to buy them. Through 360-degree photography, you show how your pieces sparkle and shine in no other way possible.

Carat Studios have mastered the art of 360-degree photography. Being in the ultra-competitive jewelry district of Los Angeles, we have helped numerous clients gain a competitive advantage using this media type. We value your vision when working with us. We ensure that the jewelry pieces you feature make the most emotional impact once your customers see them on any relevant marketing channels. Call us at (213) 787-7440 to learn more about our 360-degree jewelry photography and 360-degree videography services. Visit our 360-degree jewelry photography page to learn more about the details of this highly-engaging media type. For bookings or to request a quotation, visit our contact page.



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