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The Perfect Way to Capture the Beauty of Fine Jewelry

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Photography

Jewelry is meant to be worn. That is why presenting it worn is a way to help communicate visually how your jewelry will look on your customer's body. Showing jewelry on models is one of the most effective ways to excite potential customers about your product.

Though anyone can take jewelry photos with models, it takes a lot to produce high-end jewelry model photography shots that can make it to magazines, social media, and other relevant advertising channels. However, the jewelry business is extremely competitive. Many jewelers seek the best way to present their products. Hence, jewelry model photography is a popular way to make their advertisement channels more relatable, exciting, and engaging.

How to Capture The Beauty of Fine Jewelry Perfectly

Like any form of jewelry photography, jewelry model photography is a complex process. Professional jewelry photographers spend substantial amounts of time staging and processing jewelry, especially when worn by models. The process takes several steps, including taking several images from each angle at various exposures and retouching results on the computer. If you want terrific photos worthy of being placed on a full-page ad in a glitzy magazine, here are some tips to capture jewelry perfectly on models.

Always Focus on the Jewelry

Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Photography

When taking jewelry model photography, always ensure that the focus is on the jewelry. Shooting jewelry on models can be tricky because the objective is to draw the eye to the jewelry instead of the model. The role of the model is to make the audience relate to the jewelry. The model does this by providing an emotional connection with the audience or by complimenting the jewelry's grandeur, craftsmanship, and beauty.

There are various visual elements that a professional jewelry photographer should consider when taking photos of models. For ring photography, a model must have a manicure first. The choice of wardrobe is also crucial to ensure that the attention is on the jewelry rather than the model. The colors and fabrics should make the jewelry stand out and look more glamorous. Lastly, it is also essential for the model to convey the appropriate emotion when wearing the jewelry. That is why only well-trained models are employed for these shots.

Set the Mood Appropriate for the Jewelry

Gold and Jade Bracelet jewelry model photography

The mood is also crucial when staging the jewelry. The play of light and shadow combines to create an effect that makes the glamor and charm of the jewelry stand out. The photographer can achieve this even without props or visible clothing. However, the jewelry itself must be lighted perfectly.

The choice of clothing is also crucial to keep the attention on the jewelry rather than the model. For instance, the squared cut of the model's blouse perfectly supports the pattern of the bracelet she wears in the shot shown above. The clean lines provided by choice of clothing, along with the model's pose, perfectly complement the modern elegance of the piece.

Photography Direction: Giving the Model The Freedom To Express

Gold Pendant Layered Necklace Model Photography

Photography direction plays a substantial part in associating the piece with the audience. By providing the model with direction, the model can create an emotional connection with the audience, whether with a big smile or an affectionate look that only someone with an intimate relationship can convey.

That is why barking orders won't work. Models are given the freedom to act out situations when the piece of jewelry is worn. In the photo shown above, the model was told if a crush noticed how the necklaces looked good on her. By providing the perfect reaction when wearing jewelry, the model can perfectly associate the jewelry piece with its intended market.

Retouching to Get The Perfect Image

Model Photography Photo Retouching

Lastly, one of the most vital steps to creating the perfect jewelry model photos is retouching. Taking pictures has its challenges, but retouching well-executed photos, especially with models, can be even more challenging. Among all tasks involved in jewelry model photography, retouching photos on the computer takes the most time. At times, jewelry photography professionals work with over ten layers to ensure they assemble the perfect photo.

Judicious retouching does not mean airbrushing or blurring the model to alter the skin's texture completely. Being closer to reality can keep the audience's focus on the jewelry. However, makeup and manicure are still crucial for the model. By experimenting with which kinds of makeup work best with the appropriate studio lighting, achieving the best combination of well-taken photos with photo retouching skills is possible.


Gold Fan Earrings Photo

Creating the best possible photos to create excitement for your piece is challenging. Each jewelry piece is unique, requiring much experimentation among makeup, lighting, and camera settings to stage jewelry while worn by a model. Moreover, the direction you provide the model can make or break how you present your jewelry. For hobbyists, or if you want to start engaging in this challenging field, be prepared to take on these challenges.

On the other hand, with an experienced professional jewelry photographer, jewelers are provided with someone with the proper techniques, knowledge, and photo direction that can help create jewelry photos that make an emotional attachment to your audience through how they are worn. With decades of working with the leading jewelers in Los Angeles and New York, we have all the tools you need to have the perfect jewelry model photography shots to excite your audience. For the best jewelry model photography in Los Angeles, you can visit our site to see our work or to book a session.



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