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Tips for Hiring a Jewelry Photographer

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Jewelry retouching services

As a jeweler or a jewelry retailer/wholesaler, you may have realized how crucial having excellent photos of your products can be. In the highly-competitive jewelry industry, owning images that can excite can stir your customers' emotions and convince them to buy your products. Moreover, high-quality images open more engagement opportunities, such as better PR coverage, higher photo share rates, and the chance to place your products on multiple relevant sales platforms. However, getting the perfect photos for your products is a challenge despite having professional photographers around. To ensure that you have the ideal jewelry photos that can achieve their aim of appealing to your customers' tastes, here are several tips on hiring a jewelry photographer.

First of All, Jewelry Photography Is Like No Other

Natural Jewelry Photography Is Like No Other

The objective of the jewelry photographer is to bring the pieces to life as if viewers can hold them. Jewelry photography is not just capturing images for viewing but ensuring that images can stir the emotions and impulses of prospective customers.

Many things make jewelry photography exceptionally challenging. For the most part, photographers will be dealing with metal. The effects of light, shadow and angles play a substantial role in capturing the best images of metal pieces, especially polished pieces. What makes taking photos of such pieces highlights the skill of jewelry photographers is purely capturing the luster of the metal.

Another objective of jewelry photography is to showcase the fire and sparkle of stones. Jewelry photographers are highly skilled and specialized to ensure that proper lighting captures the jewelry's exceptional color, translucence, and sparkle.

To ensure that everything blends well to produce a perfect shot, your photographer needs the right equipment, skill, editing software, and setting. To create the best portrait, they may require you to send them your jewelry pieces for photography sessions.

What Goes Into Taking Jewelry Photos?

Red Necklace Jewelry Photography

Producing ideal images of jewelry is a complex process. The services you pay them for are not just about taking the picture but the process of providing you with the perfect portrait. A substantial proportion of effort in producing excellent jewelry photos goes into retouching.

Jewelry Retouching Services for Gold Rings

Though jewelry photographers have different styles in producing excellent portraits of jewelry, the path that leads to the perfect photo starts with taking pictures under ideal lighting conditions. The photographer clips the images and places them either on a purely white background or, if you agree on a setting, on a set you decide on. The photographer retouches the images. Editing work may include removing minor flaws, such as scratches and stains. Another process is color correction to enhance the sheen of the metal and bring out the proper color and sparkle of the stones by adjusting brightness, color temperature, tones, and others, as required.

What Can The Best Jewelry Photographers Do For Your Business?

Photo of Bezel Set Diamond Ring with Buguette Diamond Halo

By providing you with ideal images of your product that will trigger the emotions of your prospective customers, they can provide value beyond what you pay them. Moreover, they can provide other services too to add to their repertoire of providing you with still images of your product.

Their other services may include model photography or having models wear your jewelry to enhance how they look on your possible customers. They may also offer to use their photo editing skills to improve still images you already may have. However, exceptional jewelry photographers can offer 360-degree jewelry photography or take moving images of your jewelry which can be presented spinning slowly or swiveling. These moving images enhance the fire and sparkle of shiny metal or the brilliance of the jewels set on them. Moreover, these moving images, in the form of 360-degree photography, tend to be more engaging than still photos.

So, What Tips Are Needed to Hire the Ideal Jewelry Photographer

Perfect Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Worn by a Model

Given the factors and the possible value they can offer your business, here are tips on what you need from an ideal jewelry photographer:

  1. Check the photographer's website or social media account for portfolios of their previous work. This way, you can select the best jewelry photographers that fit your requirements or deliver images in the theme you want.

  2. Check your network of jewelers and jewelry retailers for a recommendation. Especially in the ultra-competitive jewelry districts of Los Angeles and New York, jewelry photographers, such as Carat Studios, have built a sterling reputation for producing works that clients love.

  3. Select a photographer you feel comfortable shipping your products to. Again, having a studio physically listed in a renowned area, such as the great jewelry districts of Los Angeles and New York, is an excellent sign that they can ensure keeping your jewelry safe while they do their work.

  4. Check photo credits in jewelry magazines.

  5. Select a photographer who is easy to communicate with. Though they are experts in their craft, they know that their client's vision of presenting their products best is essential for producing the perfect image. By working closely with them, they can create much better images than you expect.

For the Ideal Jewelry Photographer, Select Carat Studios

Ideal Jewelry Photographer, Select Carat Studios

Carat Studios pride itself in the services they provide. From the time you get in touch with them, they are renowned for delivering the best line of communication to ensure that the best course of action is taken for specific jewelry items. The objective of producing images is not just about taking good photos of your product but best presenting your products in various sales channels to mesmerize, excite and entice your customers to buy your products. They can do it all through still photography, 360-degree jewelry videos, lifestyle photography, or model photography. Best of all, they can guarantee the safety of the jewelry you send them. Being in the ultra-competitive Los Angeles jewelry district for years is a testament to its success in the industry.

For the best images in the highest resolution formats or for exciting formats, such as 360-degree jewelry videography, call their studio at (213) 787-7440. You may drop by their studio at DTLA Jewelry District, 640 S Hill St. #757, Los Angeles, Ca 90014. To know more about their services or book a service, you may contact them by visiting their contact page.



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